I’ve had A LOT of free time lately. So I’ve ticked all the top items on the list: I’ve been surfing a lot, I finished reading two books I was stuck on, I visited all coffee places within an 30 minutes walk from home that had anything more than 3 stars on yelp.. yeah.. done it all..

And I still had some free time and some spare cash.. Then someone gave me a used MacBook (Thanks Christopher :), wherever you are!) so I’ve finally paid to be a ‘apple developer’ just so I could code something and run it on my phone (well, it’s technically not my phone but that’s a longer story).

First questions I was faced with was Objective-C vs. Swift. Well.. anyone in their sane minds will stay away from Objective-C, so Swift it is.

After some useless samples/tutorials I found this one: https://www.bloc.io/tutorials/swiftris-build-your-first-ios-game-with-swift  it’s premise is perfect. Not too simple, not too complex. It starts at a really nice pace (explaining all that deserves explanation and nothing that is too obvious). Later on you can see the writer getting annoyed/tired and flying past stuff. Well, can’t blame him: most people give up half way through anyway/it’s not like you couldn’t just read the code FFS/it works FFS! Anyway, highly recommend it as a starting point – it has worked well for me so far!

The thing is, the final game you develop has some things that really annoy me (code and functionality wise) so I’ll try to tip in my 20¢ on the next few posts.. 😀I'm Interested, go on!